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Sol+ is the first indoor treatment centre for hydrocarbon-impacted soils on the Island of Montreal.

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Preferred Treatment and Accepted Contaminants

Sanexen uses various MDDELCC recognized techniques, including biodegradation, soil vapour extraction or bioventing.


Biodegradation essentially consists of creating conditions favourable for the multiplication of microorganisms that allow for the degradation of hydrocarbons.

Soil Vapour Extraction consists of extracting VOCs by circulating air through the contaminated soils. The volatilized VOCs are collected and eliminated using specialized filters.

Bioventing consists of simultaneously or sequentially combining biodegradation and soil vapour extraction.



  • PH (C10- 50): unlimited concentration
  • Light PAH: unlimited concentration
  • Heavy PAH : < C
  • MAH: unlimited concentration
  • Metals: < C (Provided there is an associated organic contamination.)
  • Uncharacterized soils: In the event of an accidental spill (< 50 m3) or accidental discovery during excavation. (Unlimited volume).
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Personalized and turnkey Service

  • Rapid response
  • Possibility of adjusting the schedule depending on your needs
  • Release from your environmental liability
  • Guarantee of treatment efficiency
  • Complete soil tracking
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