We combat PFAS (the “toxic forever chemicals”) more cost-effectively than anyone else. ALTRA PFAS Solutions

Forever Chemicals

There are hundreds of contaminated sites in Canada and the USA. No complete record of those sites is available but military bases, airports/heliports, landfills, water treatment plants, wastewater treatment plants as well as industrial facilities are known locations where the risk of having PFAS is very high.

SANEXEN experts have been performing risk assessments and implementing environmental clean-up solutions for close to 50 years, building a reputation as innovators and logistics experts along the way. As it is, our experts have been asked to counsel for the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Collaborative as well as be part of a work group aiming to create the Canada Water Agency.

We offer a customized and sustainable approach for treatment of PFAS contaminated water at a fraction of the cost and risk of solutions that rely primarily on adsorption media (activated carbon or ion exchange resins).


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