Sanexen Environmental Services inc. About us

Sanexen Environmental Services inc. is a contractor in contaminated site remediation and Water Main Rehabilitation.

Our team of scientists also performs studies and assessments related to other environmental issues. Over the past 30 years, the company has completed contracts totalling more than a billion Canadian dollars in the environmental and water main rehabilitation fields. The company has developed a profound expertise as well as technologies adapted to the needs of private corporations and public organizations facing various environmental issues. The company relies on the knowledge and experience of a team of more than 475 employees.

The company expanded its service offerings following acquisition's : Parent Company, Subsidiary and Affiliated Companies

Focusing on the future, the company offers its clients a unique expertise in the field and a team that is dedicated to solving their issues.

Sanexen’s Beginnings

Beginning as a division of Groupe Sanivan, a firm specialized in industrial cleaning services, Sanexen was established in 1985. In 1991, a group of employees acquired Sanexen. Shortly after, Logistec, a marine transportation service provider, became the majority shareholder in the company, while management personnel retained 30% of shares. In 2016, Logistec acquired the remaining shares held by a group of 12 company executives giving them 100% of Sanexen’s shares.

Parent Company, Subsidiary and Affiliated companies