Sanexen Environmental Services inc. About us

SANEXEN Environmental Services Inc. “SANEXEN”, a member of the LOGISTEC family, is a leading provider of environmental solutions for the past 35 years. With its key business lines - Site Remediation, Major Projects, Infrastructure and Soil and Materials Management and Water Technology - SANEXEN continues to deliver creative and customized solutions to industrial, municipal and governmental customers and partners. SANEXEN’s expert environmental engineers and scientists combined with their in-house research and development teams continue to explore and implement new technologies to address the ever-evolving environmental issues the world faces today.

Driving Innovation for a Sustainable Future

We know that our future will be quite different from today’s in many ways. Driving Innovation for a Sustainable Future is our program to see the future more clearly, and to work with our people, clients, partners and communities to build for this future, as well as for today’s needs.

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