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The Revegetation Division uses various techniques to remediate degraded sites. The goal of these techniques is to transform sterile tailings into a substrate capable of supporting sustainable ecosystems, as opposed to relying on traditional covering techniques. These techniques, used to restore more than thirty sites in the Province of Quebec, have successfully withstood the test of time. 
The Revegetation Division works in close collaboration with Sanexen’s other divisions to offer an integrated approach and provide solutions adapted to each client’s specific needs.

FeuilleRestoration: a unique techniqueFeuilleProcesses: a specific approach

Restoration: a unique technique

Each site to be restored is unique and requires a specific approach. A site visit takes place in order to precisely define the issue. In addition, the client’s needs and expectations are identified during an initial meeting.
Following this meeting, a restoration plan is developed by carrying out an in-depth study of the site.

A win-win approach!

  • No heavy machinery
  • Development of a sustainable ecosystem
  • Soil stabilization and rapid root system development
  • Cost-effective
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Processes: a specific approach

Our team of professionals has developed several processes, all successfully used, including:

  • Establish a vegetation cover on rocky surfaces
  • Establish a vegetation cover on blasted rock
  • Establish an allelopathic vegetation cover on acid-producing mine tailings
  • Design and construction of passive systems for the treatment of contaminated mining effluent
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