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As a specialized contractor, Sanexen’s mission is to assist companies and organizations dealing with contamination issues to determine the lowest-cost solutions that are best adapted to their needs.

Although environmental issues are often complex, our scientists and specialists remain up to date on new investigation and remediation methods and are therefore able to adequately meet clients’ specific needs while adhering to the most stringent environmental regulations.

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Water Technology

The Next Generation Water Technology

At the start of the new millennium, Sanexen developed a new trenchless water main rehabilitation liner. This liner is intended for cities and industries experiencing a need for significant maintenance work when the drinking water supply system has reached the end of its useful life.

This solutions, called ALTRA Proven Water Technologies, lines the existing water main, eliminating the need to excavate road foundations. This innovative method rehabilitates water main at a distinctly lower cost.

To learn more about Altra visit www.logistec.com/altra


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over the last 30 years.

The company has completed more than one billion Canadian dollars of work in the areas of site remediation, management of regulated materials, risk analysis and rehabilitation of watermains.

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