Environmental Management and Compliance

Sanexen Environmental Services Inc.’s Environmental Management and Compliance department has more than 25 years of experience in legal compliance issues, environmental management and sustainable development.

The department works in close collaboration with Sanexen’s other departments, offering an integrated approach and providing solutions adapted to the specific needs of its clients.


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Environmental Management

  • Coaching and development of key elements for the implementation and maintenance of an environmental management system (corporate EMS, ISO 14001 certification, BOMA BEST or other), for industrial, institutional and real estate clients;
  • Environmental impact assessments integrating, when required, life cycle analysis and the development of environmental measures;
  • Management system audit and improvement recommendations;
  • Development of procedures to apply best practices;
  • Inventory and quantification of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and development of action plans to reduce GHGs.
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Environmental Compliance

  • Environmental compliance auditing (ECA);
  • Applications for certificates of approval and permits, as well as the production of various types of reports (NPRI, RRMRCECA);
  • Development of calculation tools to ensure compliance (NPRI, RRMRCCA, GHGRP, RHM report, VOC directory);
  • Development of legal registries specific/tailored to client activities, training and legal research;
  • Identification of solutions and development of action plans to comply with applicable laws and regulations;
  • Improvements to the management of water, atmospheric emissions, soils, residual and hazardous materials.
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Implementation of Sustainable and Eco-Responsible Strategies

  • Coaching in the various steps to define and implement a sustainable development strategy (diagnosis, roadmap, stakeholders, procurement, accountability, etc.);
  • Integration of a “Biodiversity and Ecological Services” component to the corporate sustainable development approach;
  • Technological solutions to meet the environmental objectives of corporate roadmaps;
  • Integration of environmental and social issues when undertaking new projects;
  • Governance and accountability reporting.
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