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Sanexen Water Trenchless Technology on Capitol Hill

28 juin 2019

Ben Côté, President of Sanexen Water and Jeff Tanner, President of Flow-Liner Systems, had a busy week in DC meeting with EPA Officials, Senators, and Congressmen regarding this year's release of the Lead & Copper Rule (LCR) re-write, expected to publish this summer.

Having previously partnered with the EPA, Flow-Liner in 2017 and Sanexen in 2012, they are again doing their part in providing valuable information on the newest innovative and green technologies that can accelerate the nation's water infrastructure recovery initiative.

The current LCR was released in 1991 before many new, safe and cost-effective technologies existed. Now, approaching 30 years later, we urge the EPA to include such options to allow water systems throughout the nation to utilize trenchless technology solutions that are not only cost-effective, but certifiably safe and environmentally-friendly.

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Ben Cote, President of Sanexen Water inc.

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