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Sanexen Water's Innovative and Green Aqua-Pipe Technology Used to Upgrade Water main Pipe near Gillette Stadium in Countdown to the Big Game

01 février 2019

MONTRÉAL, Feb. 1, 2019 /CNW Telbec/ - This past November, the Sanexen Water, Inc. ("Sanexen Water") team completed a challenging project to rehabilitate almost 2 miles of an old water main pipe running beneath picturesque Beach Street in Foxboro, MA, one of the main access roads to the Gillette Stadium, home of five-time Champions, the New England Patriots.

Luckily for the Patriots and their fans who flock to the Gillette Stadium each game, the Town of Foxboro had the foresight to develop a long-term asset management plan to renew its water infrastructure. They worked closely with Sanexen Water's experts to implement Aqua-Pipe technology, a less costly, less disruptive, more environmentally friendly solution, and maintained critical access to Gillette Stadium throughout.

What is remarkable about this project is that the work was completed in just two weeks using Sanexen Water's green Aqua-Pipe trenchless technology to address the timing and environmentally-sensitive situation they faced – to keep the Gillette Stadium accessible especially leading up to the playoffs, to ensure minimal disruption to the water service to the 80 homes along Beach Street, and to give special consideration to sensitive water and wildlife eco-systems, such as the Neponset Reservoir located nearby. 

Very simply put, a typical open cut dig would have cut off access to the Stadium for months during a very critical time for the Patriots leading up to the playoffs – the road would have been closed; the old pipe dug up and removed; the new pipe installed; and then, the road and sidewalks would have been repaved. Instead, the City of Foxboro Water Department chose Aqua-Pipe's green technology where entry and exit pits are excavated at each end; robotic pipe-cleaners clear out inside the old pipe; Aqua-Pipe liner is fed through the pipe; hot water is then used to expand and cure the new pipe in place; the ends are reconnected and water service resumes. Not only is this solution less disruptive and more cost-effective, it has been calculated that for each mile of renewed pipe, Aqua-Pipe reduces GHG emissions by 378 tons or 84% per rehabilitated mile of water main, compared to traditional open cut replacement. That amount doesn't even include the GHG savings due to traffic detours and increased vehicle idling during a typical open cut, especially on game days.

"We like working with progressive towns like Foxboro and we like a challenge. We understood the critical and time-sensitive nature of maintaining access to the Stadium, and the benefits of the Aqua-Pipe technology met all the requirements for this project. We were in and out quickly, which benefited the players, their fans and the residents on Beach Street," explained Benoit Côté, President of Sanexen Water. "There are many large cities including New York, Los Angeles and Baltimore, and smaller communities across the United States with aging water infrastructure, which have turned to us for our green and cost-effective Aqua-Pipe solution."


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