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07 juillet 2017

We are very pleased to announce that on July 6, Logistec/Sanexen signed a new partnership agreement with Fer-Pal Infrastructure, the most important licensee of Aqua-Pipe in North America. As part of this partnership, Logistec Corporation secured 51% of the shares of Fer-Pal Infrastructure.

Fer-Pal is an Ontario company, established in Toronto, who signed the first licensing agreement with Sanexen, 15 years ago. Fer-Pal has had continued success over the years and has become a leading contractor in water main rehabilitation in North America. 

This partnership brings a lot of advantages. First, we will have the opportunity to collaborate and share our “know-how” and best practices. The pooling of our expertise and R&D will allow us to penetrate the North American market more aggressively and efficiently.

Second, by joining forces, we will be stronger to face competition that is, slowly but surely, growing in our markets. 

Shaun McKaigue, President of Fer-Pal Infrastructure and his team will maintain their autonomy. There are no changes for our respective teams.

This new partnership is a “win-win” for both companies. Fer-Pal will be a major asset to help us grow and make Aqua-Pipe the # 1 product in North America

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