Preparation and carrying out environmental remediation work, Rio Tinto Beauharnois Site remediation and characterization

Rio Tinto Alcan (RTA) retained Sanexen Environmental Services Inc. to prepare and carry out environmental remediation work on its Beauharnois property.

The site remediation work was intended to make the areas of the property not used by RTA suitable for commercial and industrial use, through excavation and off-site disposal of residual materials and any soil with concentrations higher than the identified limits.

The RTA property covers a total surface area of 262,244 m², of which 198,109 m² was in need of remediation. The work was carried out in 2011, using information developed during the 2009 environmental site assessment and the supplemental environmental site characterization performed by Sanexen in 2010.

Upon completion of the site remediation and characterization work, Sanexen ensured that all analysis results for soil samples taken from excavation pits and walls in the target sectors were at or below the limits for the parameters analyzed.

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