Decontamination of deactivated DEW Line radar stations, Cape Dyer Site Remediation

On-site work in Cape Dyer, located in the Arctic Circle, began in early July 2011. The project, spread over three years and subcontracted to Sanexen by Qikiqtaaluk Logistics, proved to be a significant logistical challenge.

Decontamination of deactivated DEW Line radar stations was a large-scale project for our partner, Qikiqtaaluk Corporation (QC). Economic development of Nunavut’s oil, gas and mining sectors is a source of interesting business opportunities for companies operating in the environmental circle. Sanexen’s professional resources and expertise in the fields of decontamination and management of hazardous materials, coupled with our partner’s thorough familiarity with the territory and Inuit values, helped ensure our strong positioning in the market.

Working jointly with QC, Sanexen is an active participant in the development of the local workforce, creating training programs that are adapted to clients’ needs and the specific nature of work carried out in these remote regions.

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