Assessment Tools and Sofware

TerraSysTM is the first professional software program to combine all tools required for ecotoxicological risk assessments. Its analytical capacity rests on a powerful algorithm that enables the modelling of concentrations and receptor exposure levels, even in complex systems composed of multiple trophic levels.

Developed primarily for cases involving contaminated soil, TerraSysTM possesses the tools necessary to assess various situations involving toxic substances in both terrestrial and aquatic habitats in the environment.

The software comprises multiple databases that provide TerraSysTM with an incomparable capacity for performing ecotoxicological risk assessments on receptor-contaminant combinations for which no reference values are currently available. TerraSysTM  performs all stages of an analysis, from data entry to final risk assessment, in a consistent, integrated manner.

TerraSys GeoAssistantTM was developed in order to facilitate the documentation of values required for environmental modelling. This program provides the user with local values for the main variables required in environmental modelling, anywhere in the world, specifically when required to estimate the atmospheric dispersion of contaminants.

In addition to variables directly related to local climatological conditions,TerraSys GeoAssistantTM provides local or regional values for several other environmental variables, especially soil properties and vegetative cover. These variables are also used in numerous environmental models.