Alain Sauriol, président


Alain Sauriol has been the President of Sanexen since 1991. Beginning with the company in 1985 as a Project Manager for contaminated site remediations, Alain worked his way up over the next 6 years holding various positions, notably the management of sociopolitical issues concerning the implementation of a waste incinerator in Quebec. In spite of the project failure, Alain learned from this « Not in my backyard » phenomena which made him more aware of social acceptability aspects of industrial projects.

In 1991, Alain and a group of company executives acquired Sanexen. Desperately in need of financing, he sold 70% of shares to Logistec Corporation in 1992. Under his leadership for the past 30 years, Sanexen has grown remarkably, from $4M to over $150M in sales in 2015.

In 2016, Alain was very pleased when Logistec acquired 100% of Sanexen, because he became a Logistec shareholder.


Academic Training

Alain holds a bachelor of Physical Geography from the Université de Montréal and a master of Environmental Sciences. His master thesis, co-written by the Ecologist Pierre Dansereau was named “Les fluorures d’originine industrielle dans l’environnement québecois” translated as The industrial origin of fluorides in the Quebec environment.

About Alain

Born in Montreal in 1958 into a French-Canadian family, Alain is the second oldest of a family of four children. His father worked as a labourer at a printing plant and his mother ran the household.  He has spent the past 30 years with Agathe, with whom he has two children in their twenties, Catherine and Thomas. In addition to his passion for hockey, which he continues to play today and regularly refers to in his daily management of the company, he also enjoys playing tennis and golf. Beginning with his studies in geography, he has maintained a passion for travel. He has visited over 60 countries across 5 continents. As a food and wine connoisseur, Alain knows all of Montreal’s best eateries and has a knack for finding great new places during his travels.